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beef jerky. you're wearing your lucky burlap unitard under your suit. you do what anyone would do. you suddenly lung to the side all the time holding awkward eye contact and take the drink from the tiniest bottle of water anyone has ever seen. >> shortly after that, rubio found himself in desperate need of water again. that was very funny. you knew it would pop up on saturday night live. you knew it was going to. >> it was a nice moment of levity. it wasn't on purpose. but it lightened the mood. >> i think it contributed to the fact that -- >> stay with us. "news4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. country music fans are remembering the life of mindy mccready this morning after the
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troubled music star is found dead in her home. good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm eun yang. welcome to "news4 today" for this monday, february 18, 2013. we're going to take a live look outside at 5:00 a.m. 23 degrees in some places. some even colder than that. winter mott done with us yet. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. >> tom kierein here with the forecast. >> it's the final days of winter but it's saying not so fast. it's still cold. down to near 20 degrees most of virginia and maryland. at reagan national in the low 20s. southern maryland most locations in the low 20s as well. on the eastern shore. the rest of northern virginia, arlington fairfax into loudoun county, prince william, culpeper, fauquier, upper teens to near 20 degrees. in maryland, montgomery county into frederick county now. most of those locations are only near 20 degrees. prince george's county now in the low 20s. there's the view of the washington monument. reagan national at 24. that wind gusting around 15 to
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20 miles per hour. by 6:00 a.m., it's going to be around 20 degrees. by noontime in the upper 30s. then by around 4:00 or so, it's going to be generally in the low 40s or so. lots of sunshine and the winds will be diminishing. hometown forecast, la plata, charles county, lots of sunshine through the day. by noontime in the upper 30s. i'm back with a look at the rest of the day for the region. that's coming up in ten minutes. now a look at your president's morning traffic with danella. good morning. >> good morning. still checking on things. if you're making the commute along d.c., 295 southbound, so the earlier accident at exit 1 still in the roadway. stick to the left lane, shooting over this time out of charles county, no issues in the la plata area as well as -- nice and clear. through 1 northbound. no issues to report. a live look past 5 much clear in both directions and branch avenue to the beltway, no issues to report.
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shooting over to 395 now, as you know, hov restriction lifted on 395. northbound as well as southbound between the beltway and bridge, you're clear. back in ten minutes. aaron and eun back to you. >> thank you, ma'am. an autopsy is pending on country singer mindy mccready was found dead in her home. she battled substance and alcohol abuse and had numerous run ins with the law. earlier this month she was involuntarily committed to a -- after the death of her boyfriend. new developments in the charges against splint sprinter oscar pistorius. he's canceled all events for now. his agent said he canceled the events to focus on the charges against him. the olympic sprinter remains in custody in a south africa police station accused of shooting his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. his agent says all he and others
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can do is support him while he awaits trial. >> from management point of side and also as a friend, it's a tragic circumstances and events that's unfolded and we can only give oscar our support at this point in time. >> pistorius will appear in court tomorrow for a bail hearing. steenkamp is set to be cremated. her family will hold a private ceremony tomorrow as well. police looking for a 22-year-old woman who vanished in montgomery county. police released this picture of ashley funk. she has long black hair and blue eyes now. she's from the germantown area. her family and police are concerned about her emotional and physical well-being. approximate you've seen ashley funk, call montgomery county police. a new gun control psa is hitting the airwaves and it features the mother of the chicago teen who was shot and killed just a week after
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performing during inaugural events. >> tell congress to support commonsense reforms so no more innocent children are killed and no parent has to go through this heartbreak. >> that is cleopatra cowley, the mother of hadiya pendleton calling on the country to reform the gun laws. the 16-year-old was gunned down blocks from the president's chicago home last month. in the meantime, more grief in chicago this morning as people there remember an 18-year-old woman gunned down the same day her sister sat on the stage behind president obama during a gun control speech. janae mack far land was shot had. police are speaking to two persons of interest. the obama administration is defending the -- dennis mcdone owe is revising it if --
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republicans say the president is just playing politics. >> leaking this out does set things in the wrong direction. >> this raises the question that many of us continue to wonder about. does the president want a result or does he want another -- >> the bill would create a visa for undocumented immigrants and would lou them to become -- it would bolster funding for -- firefighters on the scene of a fire in gaithersburg. news 4's derrick ward is there. what can you tell us? >> we're at the intersection of south frederick avenue and cedar avenue where firefighters seem to have this fire knocked down. let me sort of explain the situation. there is an apartment building. the executive gardens apartment. next to it adjacent to it is a small commercial complex. the apartment doesn't seem to be involved but the fire is
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concentrated here. firefighters have it knocked down. when we got here, there was smoke showing. it's dissipated since then. there's a tax prep service here and a barbershop. this hour on a holiday weekend, it is unlikely that this would have been occupied. we don't know for sure. there were preliminary reports that there may have been an explosion that brought firefighters here to begin with. we'll try to confirm at that information or sort that out for you. south frederick avenue at cedar is closed in both directions. if that is part of your travel plan today, you will have to find a work around until the scene is cleared. we expect it to be cleared in 30 to 45 minutes. live inga gaithersburg. derrick ward. a tradition continues in alexandria. the city will celebrate president's day with the annual george washington parade. it dates back to 1923. it runs from 1:00 to 3:00 in the afternoon and features, bands,
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floats and historic reenactment units. there are free open houses at some historic alexandria sites. there will be shuttles running between the eisenhower metro station and the parade route between 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. mt row is operating on a saturday schedule. several stations on the orange and blue lines closed for track work. the minnesota avenue and deanwood station rs closed. benning road, capitol heights, morgan boulevard and logan town center are closed. single tracking on the red lines. metro will run extra trains next hour between shady grove and no ma gallaudet. mail delivery, most banks and courts are closed. there's no trash pickup in d.c., montgomery county ort cities of alexandria and fairfax. all liquor stores are closed except for the ones in the district open at the owner's discretion. marc and vre are not operating
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today. a crime plot out of of the movies where criminals pulled off a multimillion dollar jewelry heist. why your television holds the answer to better behaved children. plus, how would-be entrepreneurs are trying to cash in on the meteorite that lit up the skies over russia. the temperature made read in the 20s. but
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weather and traffic on the 1s. early on this president's day morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. it is a cold morning. temperatures near 20 degrees now. we have winds that are gusting up to around 15, 20 miles per hour. windchills in the teens. here's the temperature scale. there's the time scale. we're going to be warming into the low to mid-40s by mid-afternoon. by this evening, back down into the 30s by midnight. i'm back with your seven-day outlook in ten minutes. a look at traffic now with danella. good morning. good morning. let's talk about the earlier fire under way at 355 south frederick avenue. we saw derrick ward there. your closure at south summit avenue to chestnut street. there may be ice in the area. they're trying to de-ice that roadway. back with an update in ten minutes. aaron and eun. thank you, danella. the man accused of slapping a
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child during a flight. what we're learning
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new fallout this morning for a man who lost his cool with a
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a man charged with slapping a toddler on an airplane is out of a job this morning. 60-year-old joe hundley of idaho no longer works for an aerospace and defense company after he slapped a 2-year-old boy on a minneapolis to atlanta flight. the boy's mother says altitude change caused her son to start crying and hundley, who appeared intoxicated, used a racially charged word before slapping the 19-year-old child in the face. >> to hit him was just -- i felt like i was in another world. i was shaking. i i thil be replaying it the
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whole time. very traumatic. >> according to his attorney, hundley will plead not guilty to federal simple assault charges. wednesday marks ten years since people died in a nightclub fire in rhode island. yesterday, they gathered to pay respects. the station nightclub burned to the ground in february of 2003 when pyrotechnics during a show by the band great white caught soundproofing material on fire. work for the memorial begins this the spring. had morning, neem a small texas town are mourning the deaths of two firefighters. they're from brian, texas, about 50 miles outside houston. they died friday night putting out flames inside a nearby knights of columbus lodge when the roof suddenly collapsed. two other firefighters were badly burned but are expected to survive. new this morning, at least five people are dead after militants stormed a government office in northern pakistan. police say four militants stormed the compound and three detonated their suicide vests.
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investigators believe the men were disguised as policemen which allowed them access inside the compound. so far, no group has claimed responsibility for the deadly attack. a university of maryland eastern shore student died from a stabbing on campus. maryland state police are looking for his killers. 2-year-old edmond sinclair was stabbed saturday night. police say he was a passenger in a car when three or four people were walking on the street and approached them. a fight broke out. sinclair was stabbed and died. his girlfriend, chelsea joseph tells news 4 by phone he and his brother borrowed her car to get something to eat. she saw him 15 minutes before the stabbing. he always had a smile. was never no complaints. he loved life to the fullest. he loved his family. >> friends tell news 4 sinclair was a popular d.j. on campus.
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he posted several videos on you-tube. he attended high point and laurel high schools in prince george's county. police have not identified any suspects. this morning, police are looking for three thieves who stole $2 million worth of jewelry in new york. one man distracted a security guard early saturday morning at the four seasons hotel in manhattan. the other man smashed a jacob and company display case and took off with watches and jewelry. the pair ran to a third man waiting had a getaway car. many were not working at the time, the cameras. julian assange says he has the perfect defense against criminal prosecution in the u.s. running for public office. he's running for a senate seat in australia and said the u.s. would drop its investigation rather than risk a diplomatic incident. he plans to start a wikileaks party which will run on a platform of transparency in
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government. in news 4 for your health, say -- there was no increased risk of breast and gynecological cancers from in vitro fertilization. it includes drugs that stimulate ovulation. they've linked treatment to a higher risk of cancer. other studies have not found a connection. your kids are watching us right now, you might want to limit how much tv they watch later today. a new study suggests that children who watch too much television may turn into more aggressive adults. researchers tracked a thousand kids born in the early '70s in new zealand. those kids who watched the most tv were more likely to be convicted of a crime and be more anti-social as adults. the results are not necessarily the result of too much tv. the united nations is reviewing ways to prevent future close calls from asteroids and
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meteorites. this comes after a meteorite streaked through russia and an astroid just missed the earth. it's important to track these dangers. the meteor in russia injured more than a thousand people on the ground. a modern day gold rush. people are scrambling to find pieces of the meteorite to sell online. one person will sell their piece for $10,000. it's not the first time a meteorite brought out collectors. last year steven spielberg bought a piece of a 1960 meteorite for more than $43,000. if you get your hands on a piece. >> i guess somebody will pay. >> right. >> in 40 years maybe. >> people who have money and enthusiastic about that sort of hinge. >> there you go. we are not enthusiastic about this cold this morning. bitter chill outside. tom kierein has the forecast. >> right. even though these are the waning days of winter, it still feels frigid. the skyline of washington on
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this president's day morning. it's down to near 20 degrees most of the region. reagan national on the warmer waters of the potomac at 24. right on the bay. it's also in the low to mid-20s. elsewhere away from the waters, it's dipped into the teens. parts of northern virginia, look at fredericksburg down to 17. culpeper at 18. gaithersburg, frederick, hagerstown in the teens. much of the shenandoah valley only in the teens to near 20 degrees. then you add in the wind. the wind is gusting to around 15, 20 miles an hour. so it feels like it's only in the teens to near single digits much of the region. the winds will be dim irn being asprogressing. by noontime in the upper 30s. now, for the rest of the day, we should be reaching the low to mid-40s during the afternoon with the winds diminishing and tomorrow morning, rain beginning, perhaps as a brief period of some snow, some sleet perhaps a little bit of freezing rain. areas mainly north and west of
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washington. elsewhere, all rain tomorrow morning. even where they do get the mix, it's going to change over to rain in the middle part of the morning and all rain in the afternoon. highs reaching near 50. colder weather on wednesday morning. wednesday afternoon highs in the low 40s. thursday afternoon into the mid-40s. here's how friday and the weekend is looking. should be near 30 friday morning. a i little sun. increasing clouds. highs in the upper 40s on friday afternoon. rain may be moving in late on friday, into friday night and saturday with temperatures saturday afternoon near 50. the rain should be ending saturday evening. sun returns on sunday and milder as we reach maybe the low and mid-50s sunday afternoon. that's your seven-day outlook. i'm back in ten minutes with a look at traffic with danella. gaithersburg, an earlier building fire.
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the fire department still on the scene of that fire. 355/south frederick avenue. closures to west diamond avenue and summit avenue. salt trucks have been summoned to the area. i-270, clear out of frederick, north and southbound between frederick all the way to rockville and i-270. it's clear. here's a live look in the germantown area. a little more volume than northbound. as far as delays, accidents, you're clear. over to 66, out of hay market, passing the rest area, you can see eastbound light volume, westbound hardly anyone on the road right now. eastbound to the beltway, you're clear and inside the beltway on 66, i'm not getting any reports of accidents. no delays at this time. aaron and eun, back to you. danella, thank you. athletes who suffer a concussion may need care long after the initial brain injury. canadian reach researchers found abnormal brainwaves two years after athletes suffered a concussion. they also found athletes who
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suffered a concussion 30 years ago had memory and attention deficits similar to early signs of parkinson's disease. researchers looked at brain scans and brain chemistry. danica patrick raced her way into the nascar history books. danica patrick is now the first woman to win the pole in daytona. guaranteeing her a spot up front in next sunday's daytona 500 race. she averaged speeds of more than 196 miles per hour. only four-time cup champion jeff gordon came close to danica, coming in second place by .03 of a second. congrats. the capitals have to wait until thursday to start a new winning streak. they dropped a close one to the new york rangers. losing 2-1. holt bywas outstanding. stopping 38 shots. the rangers broke through snapping a 1-1 tie early in the third period. the caps get a few days off before taking on the new jersey devils at the verizon center.
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three on one and lebron james set up by carmelo anthony. >> a night full of net in houston last night as nba allstar weekend wrapped up. the biggest names in the game kept everybody entertained. plenty of exciting dunks and not a lot of defense. the west beat the east 143-138. chris paul was named game mvp. nationals third baseman zimmerman is recovering well from off season shoulder surgery. he and the rest of the nats took part in full workout of spring training. zimmerman says his shoulder is about 85% right now. he hopes to play in some of the spring training games in a few weeks. zimmerman's shoulder bothered him for much of last year. now he's feeling healthier and says his expectations for the coming season are just as high as everybody else's. >> anything less than making the playoffs, i think, is going to be a disappointment. everyone wants to go to the world series, everyone.
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the first step is to get in. once you get in, like you saw last yeerar, a team gets hot an they roll through. zimmerman had a busy off season. in addition to the shoulder surgery, he got married and bought a house. >> kind of important. >> little busy. couple of things going on. >> we want to definitely make the playoffs. i like how he's subtle about it. >> all the way. a republican warning to president obama in the push for immigration renorm. also ahead, how senator marco rubio is cashing in on that awkward moment on television. not watering things down. the changes a popular whiskey is making after backlash from custome customers. temperatures don't tell the story. why you want to grab
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